Radiant energy..

Thomas Henry Moray came up with device back in 1901 which he apparent was able to obtain up to 7000watts from which he powered his home from.

This device (patent 685957) is similar how RF energy can be extracted, but tuned to extract natural background radiation.

There is now lots of talk and videos about this new 'free energy'. Basically, a circuit can be created which pulls electricity out of the air. Devices that have large electrical current without any apparent source. Other simple devices can be created that is able to light numerous florescent tubes from a small battery.

I'm not certain if its coming from the background gamma radiation, earths magnetic field, or just from tapping the energy around us. Its the latter which I believe, as you have to remember that we are actually surrounded by a sea of electricity, the difficult bit is making something that connects to it. Some inventions seemed to be based around pinging a magnetic disturbance then extracting energy from the reflection.

There are devices based on the Thomas oscillator circuit being named a SEC circuit (Spatial Energy Coherence) which allows you to play with this background energy. It generates cold electricity. But there is one downside to this - it completely wipes out RF signals. So there’s no point powering your TV with it!

There are hundreds of experiments going on with this stuff right now, lots on youtube, but not aware of any company taking advantage of this.

So why are we not already using this kind of energy? Apparently oil companies and such like are using their money to keep this sort of knowledge suppressed. Some scientist have said they are already contracted to make these devices for large organisations.

The below videos I've picked gives information on the history and current experiments. (The style of these videos are shit! but watch the content) More stuff can be found here, here and here

Stan Deyo talking about Thomas Moray. Thomas spent most of his life demostration his 'free energy' invention.

Brief video document on Thomas Moray,

No information is really known about the source of this video below, but on researching this I 'think' the demonstrator is not the scientist responsible in creating this, as I think one rod is made up element 73 (Tantalum), the other 74 (Tungsten), probably created by moulding them from liquid within close proximity and while under a high voltage charge as to polarise them. (not common knowledge). If anyone can prove this, please acknowledge my theory! More weird stuff about this found here.

Below, is a video from Dr. Ronald R. Stiffler using his well known and proved SEC device to create 'cold electricity'.

Below is the inventor Lorrie Matchett using a different device he created, but is using similar principles to Dr Stiffler's device in obtaining free energy.

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