Free energy from Magnetic fields..

There are a number of people who claim that if you put some magnets on a wheel in a certain manner you can get the wheel to spin without using any energy, thus demonstrating free energy. But physics laws state that energy can not be destroyed or created, it can only change.

Many scientist are now claiming to have built a electric motor integrated with a kind of alternator which apparently is able to create more power out than put in.

Getting more voltage out than in is nothing new as its possible for higher voltages to have less energy than lower voltages. eg. some cookers turn power from 1.5v AA battery to 500volt sparks.

Real energy is measured in Watts. If they could demonstrate more watts out than going in than this would be a trick! But apparently these engines, once running, can just keep on going by using the power its generating.

Below, is some videos of working examples.

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