Facebook Cheats..

You on Facebook? Play the on the game apps? and you cant beat your friends scores because you think they may be cheating? Well they probably are! Have you tried to Google 'Facebook Cheats'. There is a website that gives you information on loads of cheats. There is a fee to get to the information, but once your in, you can blow your friends away!

To become one of their secret members you will need a paypal account. If you have one then first go to the Facebook Cheats website, register and pay the membership fee.

Once registered, open Facebook in another window. With the word games like Word Challenge, Word Twist, Text Twirl, and Scrabble, what you do it is start the game. Then enter the letters you need to rearrange in to the Facebook Cheats website and watch all the results appear. Just then type all the words in to the Facebook game.

The Cheats website will list the words with most points at the top, which is particularly useful with the scrabble type games.


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