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Military secret space plane

Did you know there is a plane flying around in space? and nobody really knows what it is doing there? Its been orbiting for some months now, and its mission is?... ..Read more

HTC Hero - best mass produced phone in the world?

HTC Hero is the top smart phone for 2009, beating the iphone at the T3 awards not to only be the "Phone of the year", but also awarded "Gadget of the year". Web browsing and multifunctional portable device has never looked so good!
..Read more

You are being watched!

You did know that the UK government could be listening to your phone even when its switched off? right? ..Read more


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Amazing new console powers!

Project Natal - The power of the xbox will blow you away! Who needs wireless controllers, when you can just wave your hand and talk directly to your xbox. ..Read more

Fast motion trackers on the PlayStation 3 will bring a new meaning to virtual reality ..Read more

Free energy

Apparently your can defeat physics by getting a wheel to spin indefinitely just by using magnets.

Many scientist are also claiming to have created free energy by using an electric motor integrated with a kind of alternator. ..more about energy from Magnetic fields

Can we extract energy from the Van Allen Belt? or from materials which are being struck by neutrinos? ..more about Radiant energy

Or, get some of your own free energy from the RF fields in the air. ..more about RF energy estate agent website